As a registered reseller of IOR fuels, Indervon is proud to offer a full range of quality fuels to suit all vehicle types, including: diesel, LPG, OPAL, Premium Unleaded 95, and Premium Unleaded 98.

OPAL fuel is a low aromatic regular unleaded fuel designed to deter petrol sniffing. As such, it does not contain any of the properties attributed to giving petrol sniffers a 'high.' A direct substitute for regular unleaded fuel with an octane rating of 91, OPAL is able to mix with any other unleaded 91 fuel without adverse effects.

Indervon's range of Premium IOR fuels are specially formulated with detergent additives to clean the car's engine while driving. This reduces the likelihood of carbon deposits, which ultimately hamper the car's ability to deliver fuel during the combustion cycle, causing a loss of power and reduced fuel efficiency. Premium IOR fuels also produce less pollution than regular fuels.

The Alice Springs depot has bulk fuel storage facilities and operates several large road train tankers to transport fuel as required. At Indervon, we specialise in adapting our scheduling to meet our customer's requirements for standard orders, and striving to meet those urgent and unforeseen fuel needs.

Indervon also offers a senior citizens fuel discount at the pump.

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OPAL (Low Aromatic Regular Unleaded Fuel)
PULP (Premium Unleaded 95)
PULP98 (Premium Unleaded 98)